Courier Newspapers Feature Ken Zurski’s Latest ‘Unremembered’ Book

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Local author Ken Zurski releases ‘UNREMEMBERED’ sequel

By Madelyn Norman from Courier newspapers

Ellen Terry. Charles Klein. Gaby Deslys. These are names you probably haven’t heard, with stories you won’t forget. In Ken Zurski’s latest “UNREMEMBERED Book 2: Actors, Artists, Entertainers & Influencers,” he shares the history of souls that made all the difference, but go rather unnoticed.

In his sequel, published in September, Zurski shares the attempts and accomplishments of people in the entertainment industry between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  

The “UNREMEMBERED” series first began as a blog,, which now has over 200 stories of forgotten people throughout history. Zurski realized he was able to intertwine these stories in the form of a nonfiction book, utilizing records of the past. 

“I wanted to find a story where I could connect things together,” he said. “We have history to tell because someone else told it before.”

As the author of four books, Zurski has been sharing history since his first book, “The Wreck of the Columbia,” which was published in 2012. As a resident of Morton, Illinois, he loves telling regional stories that made a lasting impact on the people reading them. “UNREMEMBERED” allowed Zurski to branch out into global storytelling. 

The prevalence of digital databases and online resources allowed Zurski to gather information at a much quicker rate, which made writing the “UNREMEMBERED” books more enjoyable. 

“Research has become much more advanced–thank goodness,” Zurski said. “When I wrote ‘The Wreck of Columbia’ I was at the Peoria and Pekin libraries for days on end, going through their newspaper archives.” 

Although researching and writing is a time-consuming process, Zurski wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“It’s really my joy, just writing books and sharing them,” he said.

Since “UNREMEMBERED Book 2” is centered around people that most readers are unfamiliar with, Zurski has a recommendation for the best way to read his book.

“Look at the back of the book first and see if you recognize any names,” Zurski said. “Read the book. Come back to it–and you’ll have all of these stories.”

Visit or to purchase a copy of “UNREMEMBERED Book 2: Actors, Artists, Entertainers & Influencers.” 

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