Why this Website? There’s History Behind It

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Research takes you to many places. Usually while researching a topic, I find an interesting person or event I haven’t heard about or just plain forgot. I store it away hoping to retrieve it someday and use it in context within a bigger project. Maybe a new book.

But I cant get it out of head.

These are the figures from our past, the once-somebodies, whose stories for some reason – and usually no fault of their own – are now lost to time. This obscurity, however, does not diminish their past accomplishments or achievements. These are tales just as fascinating and complex as more familiar events and figures, the ones we know more famously. Some of these characters may have even played a bit role in it.

So I decided it’s time to retell and revive these stories. And this website is the result. I’ll be posting the first story soon.

Please, click on the “follow” button and start enjoying the history of the unremembered.

– Ken Zurski, author


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History has a way of remembering and forgetting certain people and events.  Some may have chosen this path to anonymity and others may have simply been part of a fleeting fame, once recognized for their importance and influence, now lost to time. I’ve always been fascinated by these lesser-known personalities, the so-called other people, whose contributions to our past have either been discarded, neglected or simply put out of mind. These are the stories I want to tell. The stories of the unremembered. 

“This site is dedicated to historical events and characters who were once famously known – now forgotten.” – Ken Zurski, author